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Just want to say thank you for all of your patience with me and the hard work you put into my familys trip to Ireland. We had the trip of a lifetime due to your attention to detail, knowledge of the country, and a great choice for our Guide in Paddy Kavanagh. Please let Garth know the entire Emerald Elite Team is such an asset to his business. You listened carefully to what I wanted and put a greart package together and some of the places we stayed were far above my expectations. Paddy was a perfect pick for us on our trip. His personality, Knowledge of the country,and most of all his Passion and Pride to share with others really put this trip over the top. Even though this was our first trip to Ireland we felt welcome and at home the entire time we were there. The only problem we faced the entire time was at the Malton as it has no AC and it was rather warm and humid. They did go and aquire a fan for us but it was rather warm till later into the night. That just became part of our adventure as the highs in Ireland were about 15 degrees lower than our lows in Dallas so it was not a deal breaker by any means.

If you want to use me as a reference feel free to, and you may use any part or all of this email if you wish.

I hope I can send you more busuness and someday use you again to come back to the land of a thousnd welcomes.

Sincerely a very happy customer,

Claude Lee Sullivan III

- Claude Lee Sullivan III